Entrevista con Edouard Carmignac

Edouard Carmignac ha concedido una entrevista a Citywire en la que habla sobre toda la polémica que se creó hace meses en España. Este es el resumen que ofrece la publicación de este pasaje de la entrevista: 

Carmignac’s assessment of BBVA’s fund selection process is scathing. ‘There was this so-called recommendation from the fund selection committee, with conclusions which were not communicated to us and we only heard about them through the grapevine. The conclusions didn’t hold water and yet they were not checked with us.’

He feels other Spanish selectors dealt with him more fairly. ‘Santander’s people from the Allfunds unit came to see us ten days later, did their due diligence and came out happy. At least they did their homework,’ he says.

The Spanish situation highlights some larger issues to do with open architecture, Carmignac thinks, and that clients will not accept being ushered into sub-par, in-house products any more. ‘We’re selling more funds there now than before the crisis, and selling through different channels, which really shows it is the clients that decide where to invest. No banks own their clients.

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